A companion to a shield maiden


Talthalasius (or Phil by his friends) is a follower of “The Shield Maiden” or more commonly refereed to as “that Elf”. He has also been recently promoted to the head of her fan club for the region, although no one is exactly sure who promoted him to such a status.

Phil is a novice magic user under the tutelage of The Shield Maiden who happens to know less about magic than Phil does. Phil openly started following The Shield Maiden in the human metropolis of Guilton, but in reality he has been following her footsteps ever since she had left the elven capitol of (doesn’t have a name yet).

Phil had been a long time follower of The Shield Maiden even before she joined the Shield Guardians. He had committed a shameless and horrific crime and needed to get out of the city just as The Shield Maiden had been reassigned to far off lands.


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